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We assist leaders in achieving their professional goals through our services of Executive or Leadership Coaching, 360 Leadership Assessments, and Workshops.


Why choose CONNECTED Leadership Services?

1. We walk the talk. Not only do we believe in the leadership services offered, but we also use them to continually improve our knowledge, skills, and abilities.

2. Our coaches and instructors have firsthand experience using the products in a professional capacity within the federal government.

3. You can feel confident that you will benefit from our services as they are evidence-based and supported by experts.

Online counselling

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Transform your leadership:

Whether you are new to leadership, wanting to improve your skills, or explore solutions to a particular challenge, a coach can assist in your endeavors. 

Effective leadership makes a positive difference in the workplace and creates an environment in which people turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes. Coaching provides an opportunity to explore how you want to enhance leadership skills and behaviors. 

Reviewing Reports at Desk


Strengthen your leadership:

Identify areas to enhance leadership skills, develop solutions, and achieve goals.

Ideal for current leaders or group of leaders, this option uses a survey to assist in understanding and improving leadership skills. This service includes:

  • A pre-brief or workshop to familiarize participants with content


  • A one or two hour debrief session with a certified coach

Crowd Applauding


Increase leadership knowledge:

TetraMap Workshop - Discover your communication preferences to increase communication effectiveness. The 4-hour workshop helps participants recognize different communication preferences and apply learned objectives. Ideal for teams and leaders.

The Leadership Challenge Workshop – A one- or two-day interactive workshop in which participants learn the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership and the behaviors associated with each. Excellent for leadership teams/groups.

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