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My name is Kayla Sims

I am the founder of CONNECTED Leadership Services and a certified leadership and performance coach. My passion is facilitating personal and professional development.

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Our philosophy focuses on your connection to: Purpose, Others, and Values. We assist leaders in developing and strengthening these connections through our services of Executive or Leadership Coaching, 360 Leadership Assessments, and Workshops.


PURPOSE: What is your “why”? We can help connect you to your purpose by discovering or clarifying your leadership vision. It can increase motivation and serve as an anchor when distractions arise.


OTHERS: Leadership is a relationship – whether it’s with your employees, peers, supervisor/manager, or customers. We believe a connection to others is essential for exemplary leadership. Awareness of your impact on others can provide an opportunity for growth and enhancement of relationships; thus, a stronger leader.


VALUES: Each of us hold beliefs of what is important. It is not enough to understand what our values are; we must establish a connection. When we are connected to our values, we can ensure our behaviors are in alignment.

We recognize today's challenges impacts us in different ways. Let us assist in developing a customized strategic plan to address your needs.


We are passionate about developing the highest caliber of leaders by providing proven and reliable resources and knowledge. It is our greatest aspiration to encourage and energize people to feel confident in their professional lives.

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